3840 Stadium Dr., Sioux City

Snack Bar


Soda/Fountain Beverage–$2.00

Maui Smoothie–16 oz.–$3.75 or  20 oz.–$4.25

Bar Fresh Smoothie–16 oz.–$4.25

Slush Puppie–16 oz.–$3.00 or 20 oz.–$3.50

Drop Zone Tumbler with Slush Puppie–$5.00





Coffee–16 oz.–$2.00 or 20 oz.–$2.50 (Add a Flavor .50)

Hot Chocolate $2.00

Lemonade–16 oz.–$2.75 (Add a Flavor .50)

Frozen Lemonade–16oz.–$3.00 (Add a Flavor .50)

Tea–16 oz.–$2.00 or 20 oz.–$2.50 (Add a Flavor .50)

Snack Bar

Cotton Candy–$3.00


Ice Cream Bars–$3.00

Mini Melts–$3.00

Hot Dog–$2.00  (Add Cheese .50 or Chili .75)

Nachos with Cheese–$2.50


Pizza Per Slice –$2.00

Mac n’ Cheese Bites–$5.00

Breaded Pickles–$4.00

16″ One-Topping Pizza $16.00
(pepperoni, beef, sausage or cheese)

Chedder Cheese Poppers –$4.00

Large Fries $2.50
Add chili $1.50, cheese .50 or sour cream .50

DZ Nacho Fries–$5.00
(Topped with nacho cheese, bacon and ranch dressing)

DZ Jack Fries–$5.00
(Topped with Monterey Cheese, bacon and jalapeno peppers)

Walking Taco’s–$5.00

(Ask for Sour Cream, Salsa, Cheese and Shredded lettuce)

Buffalo Chicken Dip–$5.00

Artichoke Dip–$5.00

Combo Deals

Combo #1
2 Slices of Pizza, 16oz Soda
Combo #2
Drop Zone Burger, Chips and 16oz. Soda
$6.00 (Add Cheese .50)
Combo #3
Hot Dog, Chips and 16oz Soda
$4.00 (Add Cheese .50 or Chili .75)
Combo #4
6 Boneless Wings and 160z Soda
Combo #5
Walking Taco and 16oz. Soda
Combo #6
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Chips and 16oz Soda
Combo #7
Large one Topping Pizza and 4 16oz. Sodas
Combo #8
3 Piece Chicken Strip, Chips and 16oz. Soda
Combo #9
Taco Burger, Chips, 16oz. Soda


Drop Zone Shirt, adult

Drop Zone Shirt, Youth

Drop Zone Hoodie, Adult

Drop Zone Hoodie, Youth

Drop Zone Beanie

Drop Zone Bag

Drop Zone Gel Bracelet