3840 Stadium Dr., Sioux City

Little Tykes Area

Drop Zone FFC offers a safe area for our little ones, under 5, to enjoy. Once you let them loose, catch them if you can! The Little Tykes Area consists of a secured 3- level jungle gym play area and a Kangaroo Jumper. The parents will love the safety aspect of the Kangaroo Jumper, while the kids will love the fun! We must warn you, they may leave crying wanting more! We have considered all of the safety features for you! - The Kangaroo Jumper is low-level and features a roll off area gymnastics mat around the entire perimeter of the jumper. The surrounding walls are padded to ensure no hard landings. The unique design of the Kangaroo Jumper is such that the jumping of one person has minimal effect on the bounce of another and the 3-Level Jungle Gym keeps the little ones entertained and active for hours! This area is for children ages 1 to 5. Jump socks are required in this area by jumpers and any parents who may be assisting little ones. Buy Tickets Prices PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THESE AGE RESTRICTIONS ARE NOT TO TAKE AWAY FROM YOUR FUN - THEY ARE TO KEEP YOU SAFE FROM INJURIES AND TO KEEP A LEVEL PLAYING GROUND FOR EVERYONE TO HAVE THE BEST TIME!


Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 am to Noon. The little ones can play on the Little Tykes Area or the big trampolines. This gives them the chance to explore the dodgeball, basketball, ninja course, and open jump trampoline courts without the big kids! Prices
  • Prices by time are the same as our normal little tykes pricing with the benefit of both areas!
  • Tykes Pricing includes the entire 2 hours for $10 per person - and parents jump for just $5!
All participates must sign a Drop Zone FFC liability waiver. All participants under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a legal parent or guardian.