3840 Stadium Dr., Sioux City


This is not your traditional dodgeball. Drop Zone will have you loving our 3D action filled dodgeball court. Get ready to Dodge, Duck, Dive and Jump.  PLEASE NOTE: ALL Participating guest must be 5 years old or older.


  • Each team should begin the game with an even amount of balls per player
  • No Headshots, referee will call you OUT!

What is considered a HEADSHOT? Shot directly to the Face and or Ears. If an opposing player ducks into a throw and it hits them on top of the head or the back of the head the individual hit by the ball is OUT!

Sioux City Dodgeball
  • Once Out you cannot re-enter until the next game begins.
  • You are Out if you are hit by a live ball, throw a live ball that is caught by an opposing player, cross the center line or throw a headshot.
  • You May block/deflect a ball with another ball, however if you drop the ball that you used to block with YOU ARE OUT!
  • When a dodgeball hits anything besides a person it is considered a “Dead” Ball. You May catch a ball that hits you or another player on your team making the opposing thrower OUT!, but only if it is caught in the air.
  • NO holding a ball for longer than 10 seconds.
  • In the event of an injury, everyone MUST immediately stop.
  • You Cannot go past the center of the court even to pick up the ball. You Will Be Called OUT!
  • When you are out walk off the court and stand on the walkway outside the court. Please watch for flying balls when walking off the court. To help avoid close headshots cover your head and ears with your hands.
  • NO kicking the balls
  • NO rough housing, cussing, wrestling or poor sportsmanship. You will be asked to leave the court.
  • Rules are subject to change for your safety.
  • What the Referee Says is FINAL!

**All participates must complete sign a Drop Zone FFC liability waiver.

**All participants under age of 18 must have a Drop Zone FFC liability waiver completed and signed by a parent or guardian.

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